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October 19, 2009

Five easy steps

The five easy steps to design space mastery.

What is dilation?


September 20, 2007


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Dilation Design Strategy

From the stone age to yesterday and certainly tomorrow.


Dilation strategy being employed around the world since at least the stone age, in one way or another, is an essential part of new developments in imaging software but, for reasons I can only speculate of, was not researched or developed for class room use. Art and Design foundation teaching still relies on a profusion of disparate methods developed within specialized fields for seemingly different goals. Although almost all of the principles of dilation as a strategy could be, by the fourteenth century, observed in perspective drawing, that technology fixed it’s focus on “imitating reality” and remained a somewhat cumbersome specialized field. That dilation could be usefully employed as a comprehensive design strategy on it’s own merit escaped notice. Johannes Itten (November 11, 1888 – May 27, 1967) perhaps came closest to dilation as a comprehensive strategy while at the Bauhaus 1919 – 1922; though his process was intuitive, he made no specific writen reference to dilation and his construction methods were not self referring. Still, when I see some of his works I can’t help thinking he was grasping for a comprehensive strategy.

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