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January 6, 2008

Back to the Future

Before the grid there was dilation and after the grid there will be dilation. The postmodern, if it ever arrives, will look much like the pre-modern, because the grid, the metric of some long dead king’s arm, is completely irrelevant to how space organizes it’s self, this realization combined with the fact that tension structures deploy material more efficiently than compression ones can, will drive our going “back to the future.” The realization that space can be self metric is the missing link between where we have been lately and where we are going. Design efficiency.




What’s in the book

Table of contents page added today <!–more–>

January 5, 2008

The divine proportion

Problematically, I thought all spirals looked fairly well beautiful, not just our “golden” one. The divinely favoured one’s beauty seemed to be emanating more from other people than my own experience and searching for an ugly spiral proved fruitless. Another concern regarding “good design” and Phi is that designers who never employ the divine strategy still achieve “good” results. How so? <!–more–>

December 2, 2007

Sample content

Dilation Design Strategy is simply faster and easirer than conventional methods.
As a demonstration, I have included sample content here from chapter 6 of the book; mostly illustrations from four pages: Sample

September 25, 2007


The Euclidian grid, being infinitely extend did not come with a system of proportion built in and so many artists and designers over the years sought out many different ways of introducing harmony into their works. Divine proportion being sometimes taught at design / art schools is only one of the better known systems. Though many graduates, in fact, still have difficulties with the “golden mean.” The golden spiral when employed by trees seems to give exceptional results, however, it doesn’t always produce good results when applied by designers. The divine spiral is singular and trying to apply it in all design work is a bit like trying to construct a forest by repetitions of single tree branch. It could to look odd. Only one of the many benefits of dilation strategy, on the other hand, is that dilations are constructed entirely of harmonious spirals should you need them. Always available when you want them and completely invisible when you don’t.

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