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December 14, 2007

Theory of Everything

Dilation strategy big time.

“Roger Highfield describes a heroic mathematical enterprise that could lay bare the fundamentals of the cosmos…

Mathematicians have successfully scaled their equivalent of Mount Everest. Today they unveil the answer to a problem that, if written out in tiny print, would cover an area the size of Manhattan.”


Physicist study variations on sunshine and dirt. Well… to be fair, some only study the language of Physics. Math is a language the universe never learned. Never heard of prime numbers and never heard of pi.
Sunshine and dirt exhibit dilation strategies at every level of organization:

Solar systems
Suns / stars

You name it, and yes, plants and animals are sunshine and dirt working in a concert that some people call “biology.”

The only place you won’t find dilation strategy usefully employed is the designers square and triangular grids. The designers ( impossible) center less grid wanders off to infinity one inch or centimeter at a time forever looking for a proportion it will never find. Unless of course you spend valuable time helping it out. A dilation matrix ( not a grid ) on the other hand, will spend all of it’s time helping you out regardless of the two or three dimensions of any given space where you might choose to deploy it. Dilation strategy is a math free organizing principle; easily understood visually, that a school age child anywhere in the world ( or big shot designer ) can learn with relative ease.


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